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Highlighted in Nikkei Biotechnology & Business


Our institute and Director Miyazaki have been mentioned in a special feature article titled "Diversification and advancement of animal medicines" in the March 25, 2024 issue of "Nikkei Biotechnology & ≫read more



Director Miyazaki has been featured in Special interview on ' Take on Incurable Diseases by AIM Drug Discovery' in FINANCIAL FORUM (February 2024 Issue). ≫read more

Featured in Weekly SPA!


Director Miyazaki has been featured in Special interview on 'Living with Cats' in Weekly SPA! (December 5/12 Issue). ≫read more

Featured in Newsweek Japanese Edition


An interview article featuring Director Toru Miyazaki “A 'Dream Drug' on the Horizon: Eagerly Anticipated Cure for Cat Kidney Disease” has been published in in the special feature "How Cats Really Fee ≫read more

Featured in JBpress


An interview article featuring Director Toru Miyazaki “The development of a breakthrough treatment for feline kidney disease, long awaited by cat lovers everywhere, is now underway” has been published ≫read more

Featured in Shueisha Online


Shueisha Online publishes an article excerpted and rearranged from Director Miyazaki's book, "The Day Cats Live to be 30 Years Old. ≫read more

Featured in THE21 Magazine


We are thrilled to announce that an interview article by Director Toru Miyazaki, titled "Transforming 'Incurable Illnesses' into 'Treatable Conditions'," has been published in the August 2023 issue of ≫read more

Publication of Director Miyazaki's book in Taiwan


Director Miyazaki's book, "Neko ga 30 sai made ikiru hi" (The Day Cats Live Until 30) has been published in Taiwan by Good People Publishing. ≫read more

Featured in the monthly newspaper "Gekkan nekotomo shimbun"


Director Miyazaki's interview acticle was published in the June 2023 Issue of the monthly newspaper "Gekkan nekotomo shimbun."

Featured in "Daily Nyandai 2023"


An interview article titled "Advancing the Frontiers of Treatment: 'Keeping Cats Alive Until 30 Years Old' " with Director Toru Miyazaki has been featured in the special issue of "Daily ≫read more