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Published on Nikkei Biotech ONLINE


A special feature article titled "Director Miyazaki at The Institute for AIM Medicine is developing a protein drug for feline kidney disease" has been published on Nikkei Biotech ONLINE. ≫read more

Featured in Newsweek Japanese Edition


An interview article featuring Director Toru Miyazaki “A Promising Breakthrough: Unveiling the AIM Drug Revolutionizing Feline Kidney Disease by Eliminating Body 'Garbage'” has been published in Newsw ≫read more

Featured in JIJI.COM News


The article published recently regarding Rheumatoid Arthritis has been featured in JIJI.COM News. ‘Breakthrough in Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment: AIM Protein Shows Effectiveness, Bringing Hope for  ≫read more

Featured in Kitten Breeder Navi


Interview with Director Miyazaki appears in ‘Nekomaga’ published in Kitten Breeder NAVI.

Featured in Shueisha Online


Shueisha Online publishes an article excerpted and rearranged from Director Miyazaki's book, "The Day Cats Live to be 30 Years Old. ≫read more

Interview with Director Miyazaki: "AIM Mechanism Resembles an Orchestra Performance" to be Featured in Yomiuri Shimbun Online


An interview with Director Miyazaki titled "The Mechanism of AI Resembles an Orchestra Performance" will be featured in the Yomiuri Shimbun Online column "Nyanko-logy" (felinology) ≫read more

Featured in Yomiuri Newspaper


Director Miyazaki was featured in the section "Kotoba no album" of Yomiuri Newspaper (Evening Edition) on June 2, 2023.

Featured on FRIDAY Digital


An interview article titled "Extending the Lifespan of Cats to 30 Years! Former University of Tokyo Professor Develops Groundbreaking Medicine and Reveals the 'Reasons'" by Director Miyazaki has been  ≫read more

Coverage on FELISSIMO's "Neko-bu" Blog


A report about the event "Nekonist 55" in which Director Miyazaki participated has been featured in the FELISSIMO "Neko-bu" blog (Cat Guardians / 22nd Edition: Talk Event with Professor Toru Miyazaki) ≫read more

Featured in Hokkaido Shimbun Newspaper


An interview article featuring Director Toru Miyazaki has been published in Hokkaido Shimbun Newspaper and Hokkaido Shimbun Digital. ≫read more