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Featured in Shueisha Online


Shueisha Online publishes an article excerpted and rearranged from Director Miyazaki's book, "The Day Cats Live to be 30 Years Old. ≫read more

FELISSIMO's "Neko-bu" (Cat Club) Launches Second Phase of AIM Medical Research Support Charity Project


We are pleased to announce that FELISSIMO's "Neko-bu" (Cat club) has initiated the second phase of their AIM Medical Research Support Charity Project. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for this initi ≫read more

Interview with Director Miyazaki: "AIM Mechanism Resembles an Orchestra Performance" to be Featured in Yomiuri Shimbun Online


An interview with Director Miyazaki titled "The Mechanism of AI Resembles an Orchestra Performance" will be featured in the Yomiuri Shimbun Online column "Nyanko-logy" (felinology) ≫read more

Featured in THE21 Magazine


We are thrilled to announce that an interview article by Director Toru Miyazaki, titled "Transforming 'Incurable Illnesses' into 'Treatable Conditions'," has been published in the August 2023 issue of ≫read more

Special Exhibition "Cat What Cool Hunters!" Commentary Support


Director Miyazaki provides explanations for the exhibition panels and catalog of the special exhibition "Cat What Cool Hunters!" ≫read more

Feartured in Mainichi Newspaper


Director Miyazaki was introduced in the serialized colum "24 shoku no pen" under the theme "Development of Medicines Inspired by Cats" in Mainichi Newspaper on June 29, 2023. ≫read more

Featured in Yomiuri Newspaper


Director Miyazaki was featured in the section "Kotoba no album" of Yomiuri Newspaper (Evening Edition) on June 2, 2023.

Featured in the monthly newspaper "Gekkan nekotomo shimbun"


Director Miyazaki's interview acticle was published in the June 2023 Issue of the monthly newspaper "Gekkan nekotomo shimbun."

Featured on TBS Television


The Institute for AIM Medicine and Director Miyazaki were featured on TBS (television) program "N Sta". The broadcasted content can be viewed on "JNN NEWS DIG." ≫read more

Director Miyazaki's Interview Footage to be Aired on TBS Television


An interview footage with Director Miyazaki will be broadcasted on the TBS television show "Joho 7 Days News Caster."   Program: Joho 7 Days News Caster (Information 7 Days News Caster※) S ≫read more